BMS Management 4.0

Advantages of the BAScloud

Realize savings potential & act future-oriented

The BAScloud is a scalable platform with a usage-based billing model. The one-time connection of properties results in unlimited use of services from the service catalog. This creates a financial synergy effect during the integration process. With BAScloud, you can react quickly and flexibly to new requirements and opportunities in the branch and successfully follow the path of digital transformation.

Central storage of data

The standardized as well as cross-property data storage and management results in an immediate improvement of the data quality. By creating a protected and reliable database, management efforts are reduced and a local tie for data retrieval is removed.

Connecting service providers and buildings

The BAScloud’s modern APIs make it easy to integrate buildings and service providers. This forms a perfect foundation for the secure and automated exchange of data.

Zeichnung der bascloud schnittstelle

API documentation

Visit the official BAScloud API documentation page.