BAScloud with APIIDA API technology

BAScloud with APIIDA API technology

Now it is certain. We are entering the final testing phase with the APIIDA Connected Business Platform. We have already been using this powerful platform for several months as part of our evaluations and have now decided to implement BAScloud on this technology. Our developers and testers have already ported databases and API strategies to APIIDA Connected Business and the first BMS systems are supplying us with large amounts of data.

Your data is only located in Germany

With the help of this technology, we are now able to receive and process large amounts of BMS data in arbitrarily short cycles. A big praise to the services team of APIIDA AG for the excellent support in the implementation of our idea. Of course, from the very beginning we made sure that the user data of the GLT systems are stored on servers in Germany and are passed on from there to the connected services.

First added value services

We are currently testing the integration of the first value-added services on our platform. The traditional .csv file and the unprotected FTP server will hopefully soon be a thing of the past, as will data transfers that only take place once a day or even once a week. With BAScloud and APIIDA technology, we are also bringing building management technology into the 21st century. In any case, we are very much looking forward to seeing you!