More transparency and faster data access: BAScloud gets new user interface

More transparency and faster data access: BAScloud gets new user interface

Gross-Bieberau, Dec. 14, 2021. BAScloud now allows user interactions with the release of Until now, the data platform has mostly stayed invisible to the user. Data access was only possible via source and target system or an API designed for technical operation. The user interface now enables direct, easy and fast data access as well as enhanced user understanding.

“The entire administration of a tenant can now be done via the user interface. All configuration and administration steps can be performed interactively. Users can now access all data quickly and easily – even without a target system,” explains Stefan Schaffner, Managing Director at BAScloud and ProFM.

Other functions are also available on a centralized location in the new portal. Rights management as well as settings for Properties, Devices and SetPoints are accessible via the user interface.

“We want to give the BAScloud more transparency and visibility. Users should be able to see what is happening behind the scenes at any time. To achieve this, we have visualized background processes. In addition, this enables us to provide our customers better administration as well as faster data access. Administration can now be carried out directly by the customer,” says Stefan Schaffner.

The next steps are already planned. For instance, ProFM will soon integrate all of its direct BAScloud services into the interface. Already available is the management of meter reading schedules via BAScloud MobileApp including a calendar, meter reading frequency, two-tier responsibility and escalation process. The establishment of a simple visualization service should help to visualize trends and identify data gaps as well as data errors even faster in the future.

BAScloud combines all the data relevant to building operations for a property or even several properties, collects it in a secure location in the cloud and makes it available for further use in an optimized way via API. The multitenant system can map and connect multiple or individual properties. In addition, BAScloud manages building master data and has a central authorization management system.