BAScloud App now available: convenient reading of all meters, simple data integration

BAScloud App now available: convenient reading of all meters, simple data integration

Groß-Bieberau, 15.03.2022. The BAScloud app developed by ProFM Facility & Project Management GmbH is now available as a mobile extension of BAScloud in the Apple App Store and Google Playstore (Only German version available so far). Whether electricity, water, gas or heat quantities: All meter data can now be recorded even more conveniently with the new app and transmitted to the BAScloud. Property operators and owners, caretakers as well as tenants benefit from the solution – especially due to the time savings that are now possible during meter reading processes.

Not all meters in properties can be read automatically. “Especially when a close-meshed collection is required, high expenses arise from the recurring readings,” explains Stefan Schaffner, CEO at ProFM. “The BAScloud app simplifies this process considerably. In version 1.0, it enables the request for meter reading via a central appointment management. Alongside this, escalation levels are integrated in the event of late or non-executed meter readings.”

A task list requests readings, which can be completed and confirmed directly in the app. Ad-hoc readings are possible quickly and without errors by scanning a QR code on the meter. The user receives meter master data and meter reading dates directly from the cloud solution on his smartphone. The app records the meter reading and also saves a photo of the meter in the BAScloud. Another advantage: Several users in a property can use the app together or work with separate appointment lists.

“All data can be integrated directly into the BAScloud,” explains Stefan Schaffner. “The information from the automatic meter reading, from external sources – such as the energy supplier – as well as the app flow together in the BAScloud.” The advantages of the BAScloud, such as the realisation of potential savings, can be used even more easily in this way.

Real estate can be networked easily and controllably with the BAScloud. The solution brings together all data from building automation, building management systems, meters and all other systems of modern properties in one place – the user gets the actual control back.

The BAScloud thus creates a central data platform for the exchange of building automation data. The connection of value-added services from different manufacturers is greatly simplified and can be implemented cost-effectively, for example in energy management. Complicated, expensive and with high security risks burdened individual connections of individual services are eliminated.

Thanks to standardised API technology, the connection of new systems is often already possible at the push of a button. An authorisation management system also transparently displays access rights and allows for simple and central control for the first time.

In particular, systems in the scope of application of the ESG and EU taxonomy that need to access different data from buildings can be connected easily and quickly with the help of the BAScloud. They adapt flexibly to changes in the infrastructure.

In addition, the BAScloud offers a central, cloud-based platform for archiving data in the long term and making it available. Plants and systems are connected via software interfaces or at the level of existing bus systems (MBus, BACnet, etc.) as well as on individual components, such as energy meters, via BAScloud Connectors (BCC) via network, WLAN or M2M/LTE.

You can download the BAScloud app here (So far only available in German.)