600 properties, tens of thousands of meters: Deka Immobilien uses BAScloud in 23 countries

600 properties, tens of thousands of meters: Deka Immobilien uses BAScloud in 23 countries

Granular data from around 600 properties collected and made available in one place: Deka Immobilien relies on BAScloud to implement active resource management and as a basis for ESG reporting. With success: the valid data is now available not only to the ESG tool, but also to other analysis service providers, property managers and tenants.

“In order to optimize the energy efficiency of buildings, the relevant information must be closely meshed, detailed and accurate. With BAScloud, we always have an up-to-date and complete database,” says Jürgen Zeller, Manager Technical Real Estate Services at Deka Immobilien.

Manual recording impossible

Deka Immobilien is an investment manager with 50 billion euros in real estate assets under management. The real estate investor and asset manager is not only pursuing the goal of maximum energy efficiency for its buildings. They also have to comply with increasingly strict requirements, such as those set out in the ESG requirements. Due to the sheer number of meters per property, manual recording is no longer sufficient to provide consumption data at the required level of detail.

From pilot project to cross-portfolio rollout

Deka finally decided to replace some of the old consumption meters in properties with smart meters. It also uses BAScloud technology to automatically read existing analog and digital meters or integrate existing building automation and building management systems into the solution. The aim was to collect the recorded consumption data centrally and make it available to the ESG tool. Deka turned to BAScloud GmbH for the successful implementation. The project was initially implemented in six pilot properties in the Rhine-Main region and in Munich within a year and was then rolled out across the entire portfolio. The selected pilot properties already represented the full range of varying degrees of digitization and automation within Deka’s property portfolio.

BAScloud impresses in a strictly regulated environment

The BAScloud had to undergo a series of checks in advance. After successful completion, the BAScloud experts were able to start the actual work. “It was important for us to structure the data in such a way that as many systems as possible – not just the ESG tool – and the property managers can use the data obtained,” explains Stefan Schaffner, CEO of BAScloud.

Successful collaboration

With an asset identification key, BAScloud now ensures that all consumption information across Deka’s entire portfolio can be identified and automatically interpreted by systems. Tenants, property managers and building managers can access the building information. By further developing its metering service, BAScloud was also able to provide Deka with a complete picture of its internal and external metering points within one platform. In the next step, the BAScloud team will also bring other data from building automation onto the platform. Service providers will be able to use this database to optimize building operations in the future.

Weitere Informationen: https://www.deka-immobilien.de/de/nachhaltigkeit/cases/smart-meter/

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